Jodie Mesler enjoys sharing the joy of music. She loves helping people nurture their musical skills and she loves watching the profound effect of music education take place within each one. She displays most of her creative musical works on this website, Living Music. 


     Jodie has 25 years being a professional musician and music teacher as music is one of the most rewarding gifts and experiences in her life.  She exhibits a contagious excitement in sharing this passion with others through her teaching and performing.

     She began her work as private music teacher when her children where born so she could be at home with her kids. She has been teaching for 22 years now. She teaches a variety of instruments that include the piano, flute, piccolo, guitar, bass guitar, pennywhistle, recorder, pentatonic flute and ukulele. She loves to share her passion about music and makes learning music really fun. 

     Jodie has been performing professionally for 30 years.  She studied music composition and performance at Clayton State College and performed with their jazz band, and quickly became a professional musician as bassist and flutist with her husband, Brian Mesler. They performed blues rock music around the Atlanta area from 1995-2000 and recorded two CDs. They are now back together in 2019 with her brother Jacob on drums, their band is called Southside Reunion. Get one of their free blues rock songs here.

     Rays of Grace is her latest CD. It is on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, and other streaming sites. It is her latest instrumental piano-based music, just a taste of what is yet to come.

     As a mother of three, Jodie homeschooled during the early grades. She began searching for a music curriculum for them that embodied the artistic and holistic qualities, but none existed.  This not only surprised her, but it also inspired her to create one.  In 2009, using her current passion for music and studies of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, she created a curriculum she only dreamed she could have had herself when she was a young girl. It was aptly called, Living Music From The Heart. Many parents have used her curriculum and have expressed how easy it has been to implement with their young children.  Its success has given her the pleasure of leading several music workshops for Waldorf Essentials, the Waldorf Connection, Atlanta Waldorf Homeschoolers, Taproot Teacher Training and the Waldorf Homeschool Conference.

      Jodie Mesler is from Metro Atlanta, Georgia, where she currently lives with her husband. They have three teens. She has been married for 23 years and her oldest son is 18.


     She also loves children, create art, exploring nature, playing tennis, practicing yoga, cooking healthy meals, and gardening.

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