Choroi Diatonic C Flute Pros

-you can play pentatonic notes

-you can play songs like Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle

-can use from 1st grade up to 5th grade

-great choice for young children

-made for small children's hands

-easy to make a sound

-uses little breath

-beautiful tone

-warm to the touch

-made of wood

-designed for Waldorf students

-easy to cover all the holes


Choroi Diatonic C Flute Cons

-expensive, but they have great resale value

-cost $120-150

I highly recommend this flute! It is the Choroi Diatonic C Flute, german fingering, A=440. 


There are really no cons because of the resale value, you can turn around and sell it, and get at least half of the money you paid for it. Such ease to play, keep it for five years, and you can play such a wealth of songs on it.

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