You know how important it is to bring music education to your kids, but you want a more gentle way to teach music other than the way you were taught as a kid. One that is holistic and playful, where you are making music right away, instead of trying to read music first. Even if you weren’t taught much about music as a kid, you know there is a more simple and natural way.


So many families want to teach their children music, but don’t know how. 


I found an easy way to begin music lessons with my children and I’m excited to tell you my story.


I’m inspired by Waldorf education and I am also a professional perfoming musician and songwriter. I wanted a different, non-academic way to teach my kids.


I created a music curriculum which includes a well rounded music education using singing, imitating, listening and playing by ear, all the while using a starter wind instrument such as the pennywhistle or recorder, as a tool for adding even more. 


As I taught my kids, we intigrated songs throughout our day as we celebrated festivals and holidays. We added singing as we did chores together, skipping and singing along on our daily walks, we provided the music for playgroups, as a family, we made time for a playful circle including it with hand claps, singing and movement games. And we would even perform for our big families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


I have seen my three children, my students, and so many families quickly gain pure pleasure along with great results right away from my curriculum. My children love music and have moved on from learning the pennywhistle to learn many different musical instruments such as the flute, the bass guitar, ukulele, and the piano. 


Within the pasts ten years, I have had so many great testimonies from families raving about their success. They even enjoy writing music.


In my curriculum, I also teach you how to write music. In my live classes and events, we have written songs about castles, ponies, butterflies, bunnies, spooky forests, early morning, rain, hiking, and much more. Even the parents have written simple songs as they sing them with their kids. 


If you are wondering how to begin, The Magic Flute Volume 1 is the best place to start. It is a beginning music course for parents to teach music to their young children. You will get everything you need as the lessons are all planned out for you to use for an entire year. I teach you all my secrets. Watch The Teacher Lesson Videos on How to Play Your Starter Flute. You can review all the lessons on How to Teach the Flute to Your Child. You can print PDFs, visual aid charts with incentives on how to practice, and print the lyrics or sheet music from five different songbooks including 60 songs for you to download.  


So many useful tools that come in The Magic Flute course, designed for teaching music in a holistic way. A way that brings family connection and closeness, a way that brings meaning to life, to the seasons, to the festivals and holidays. A way that gently instills perseverance. A way that is fun as you and your children enjoy a full year of music ideas, tips, games, and even get a tutorial on How to Knit a Flute Case as you complete the entire program.


To get started today, just click here.


Don’t miss out on this special time with your precious, joyful children. They are so young and so ready for you to share this exciting music journey with them.


If you were feeling discouraged about how to teach it to your kids; no worries, because you get everything you need in the courses - they are all planned out for you. You will gain a new method of teaching music, which gives you the confidence you need so you can teach music to your kids during this precious time.

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