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Rays of Grace

Rays of Grace is my brand new inspirational instrumental EP, soon to be album. As of August 9, 2018, I have three songs ready for you to buy and download. There are more to come as I run this new campaign to build funds and to get more fans. My goal is 1,000 fans throughout the year.


You can buy the first 3 songs for $5, or you can make a donation of $10 or more which benefits the completion of this album Rays of Grace. It also helps provide funds to pay for online services like website hosts, social media ads, and it gives me the ability to upload my music on a streaming service like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and/ or Pandora. I appreciate any generosity, also the more support I get, the more free time I will have to finish the entire album of Rays of Grace.

You are one of the very first music fans. I am aiming for 500-1,000 fans within one year. When I hit 1,000, let's celebrate! I will throw a big party!!!

I will continue to update you with how things are going, my goal is for my music to get published and to be apart of movies or videos, and to be streaming through the speakers of businesses and homes.

I am finally in a place musically where I have found my true connection with a genre that highly resonates with me called inspirational instrumental. 

In this new place, I have been able to compose music that is infused with my love, passion, divine communication, and upliftment for others. I love life and all the many aspects of living on this earth and I want to share that appreciation through music in the hope of healing many people. I hope you will feel my love and healing in this new music. 

I gather my inspiration from the beauty and wonder of nature, especially at my mom and dad's new place in Georgia, where they have created a wonderful gathering space for our whole family called God's Country.

I gather my inspiration from my friends and family.

I gather inspiration from written poetry.

With this inspiration I begin this beautiful exchange, mostly streaming it from heaven in divine communication with God, such an amazing experience every time.

If you have a beautiful picture in nature, a poem, or a story, I may be able to write a song using it, please share it with me at jodie@livingmusic.net and it could be one of my next songs I write. 


Steppingstones was inspired by my mom's angel trail and by a poem A Bag of Tools by R. L. Sharpe. 














Ray of Hope

"When you listen to Ray of Hope, let your worries wash away leave you worries behind come join be present in the moment, stop, breath, look inward" ~ Juliana

Ray of Hope was inspired by the suns rays in the sunrise and in the sunsets. Here is the sunrise at my mom and dad's new house. Below is a picture of another sunrise and the sunsetting there. 

Ray of Hope was inspired by this poem:



Packed in my mind lie all the clothes 

Which outward nature wears,

And in its fashion's hourly change

It all things else repairs.


In vain I look for change abroad,

And can no difference find,

Till some new ray of peace uncalled 

Illumes my inmost mind.


What is it gilds the trees and clouds,

And paints the heavens so gay,

But yonder fast-abiding light

With its unchanging ray?


Lo, when the sun streams through the wood,

Upon a winter's morn, 

Where'er his silent beams intrude

The murky night is gone.


How could the patient pine have known 

The morning breeze would come,

Or humble flowers anticipate

The insect's noonday hum,—


Till the new light with morning cheer

From far streamed through the aisles,

And nimbly told the forest trees

For many stretching miles?


I've heard, within my inmost soul,

Such cheerful morning news,

In the horizon of my mind

Have seen such orient hues.

St. Mary's for Steven


"As I am neither musically trained nor have I the talent, but as l listened to St. Mary's for Steven, it seemed to me as soothing, mellifluous and leading one to peace and tranquility. Your talent and effort are greatly appreciated. All the best and God's blessings on your future projects."


Fr.Jose of St. Mary's 


"Your song was wonderful. Really contemplative and beautiful. I feel so honored and felt like I was actually sitting in the sanctuary with you." ~Steven Usry, former pastor of Harvest Point UMC

St. Mary's for Steven was written in the sanctuary at St. Mary, Mother of God Catholic Church in Jackson, GA. I had attended a Friday mass. Captured by the beauty of this small country Catholic church and as I sat there in silence, waiting for mass to begin, I heard this beautiful song in my head. After mass, Fr. Jose let me play the church piano, and this is where the beginning of the song was born.

Then, Sunday came around, and I played it at my church, Harvest Point UMC during a prayerful time as Pastor Steven Usry was finishing up his sermon and I continued to capture it with the love of my church family, Pastor Steven and the Holy Spirit. Pastor Steven is dear to my heart, he has helped change my life in so many ways and so I dedicate this song to him.

Thank you for reading, if you made it this far. I hope my music washes over you and renews you, as we need much unwinding from today's information and technology age.

I am so pleased with where I am as a musician today, I am so grateful for so many people who have all lit up with this beautiful treasure in all our hearts allowed me to become this new kind of songwriter so in tune with so many things that we can't see that I express it through the unseen, here one moment then gone- music.

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