Living Music has music, tutorials, music ideas, videos, and more that help guide you to create music with your family in a way that is living. Living inside the human being, created from the heart and as human as possible without the aid of media, CDs or background music. Music purely made by the human breath and body. Take time out to unplug from the world of media to become a creative being with pure sounds of the human voice and with acoustic music instruments.

The owner of Living Music is Jodie Mesler, who is a performing musician with a love of teaching. She offers music lessons, live classes, online courses, curricula, and ebooks. You can read more about her here. 


Living Music hosts online music curricula courses and links to take you to Thinkific, a course website. This is where you can enroll in the courses and watch free webinars. 


Living Music has a YouTube channel where you can find tutorials and music for families. 


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Living Music actually started out as Home Music Making, in 2008 on a Blogspot. The idea of families making music together at home was the inspiring idea. She visualized families coming together as one to make music. Dad on guitar or piano, mom and child on pennywhistle, and everyone singing songs together throughout the seasons and holidays- live human acoustic music, Living Music.

She has fulfilled this in her own home, as she has made several CDs with songbooks with her children. She has worked with many families and has been able to see this dream come to life. 

In 2016, another dream came true, as she was invited to stay with a Waldorf homeschool family for a week in Nicaragua. She had been teaching Living Music From the Heart to the children over Skype for five years and they invited her and her daughter to visit them. To meet her international students in real life was exhilarating! 

That same year, she traveled to Ohio, for the annual Taproot Teacher Training to teach music to parents in the beautiful Living Music way. She continues to teach at Taproot each year and meets parents from all over the United States and Canada.

She has often worked with parents in California, Europe and Australia, and one of her dreams is to visit and meet some of them one day. 

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