Pennywhistle Pros

-only 6 holes, no back hole

-you can play pentatonic notes

-can use 1st grade-5th grade

-leads to a world of Irish music

-rich American History

-rich European History: Ireland, Scotland and England

-very inexpensive, cost $20

-some are made of natural material: tin and wood, others are made of brass tubing and plastic mouthpieces

-can easily play 2 full octaves

-great breathy tone of a wood/tin blend

-don't have to switch instruments, like when you choose the pentatonic flute

Pennywhistle Cons

-harder to blow the correct pitch from high to low, where the correct pitch comes out with ease on the recorder, or Choroi flutes

-the holes are spread out more than on the Choroi flutes, making it hard to cover all the holes completely

-the holes are bigger than recorder or Choroi flutes

-it is cold to the touch because it is made of tin, as the Choroi flutes are warm because they are made of wood

-requires a huge amount of breath if using the natural ones without plastic mouthpieces. Some people may not like using that much breath, but I think it is more of a pro, because it helps build strong lungs and it matches the pitch frequency, which makes you more aware of how music works.

-so many to choose from (key of D is what I recommend. Wooden fipple mouthpiece not the plastic ones)


My favorite pennywhistle to play is this one. It is the black one in the key of D. It is called The Clarke Original Tinwhistle in D with a wooden fipple plug. 


I used pennywhistle in homeschool because of the cost, ease, tone, the ability to play the pentatonic notes, not having to change instruments and because of it's Early American historical heritage and it builds strong lungs, it takes extra breath to play with the special wooden mouthpeice.


I still use it to teach students today. I just love it!!!

Watch me and my 2nd grade daughter play it for the kids at our local school.

Watch me perform this beautiful song on the black Clarke Tinwhistle in D

Tony Dixon Pennywhistle in D My new favorite to perform with a band!! Listen to me play it here with my teenage daughter in the back, you know the one who used to be a 2nd grader, lol!

Teenagers are so fun! I enjoy their perspective in life. I hope you enjoyed all this information about the pennywhistle, it is my passion to teach children to inspire you to teach your children!!

Love, Jodie Mesler

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