Recorder Pros

-very inexpensive, if choosing plastic

-you can play pentatonic notes

-cost $20

-can use 1st grade-8th grade

-plays in tune, if choosing plastic

-leads to Renaissance Music

-clear, loud tone

-requires little breath

-most popular traditional starter

instrument used in schools


Recorder Cons

-cold to the touch, if using plastic

-may be too loud to some people's taste

-is not a natural material, if using plastic

-has 8 holes to cover, including a back hole

-the holes are spread out more than on the Choroi flutes, making it harder for small hands, making it harder to cover all the holes completely

It is very inexpensive and plays well in tune with others.


This is a great choice if you want to play a beautiful repertoire of Renaissance Music. It's a practical economic choice, too.


I recommend that you use the recorder with the German Fingering as opposed to the English/Baroque, because of the ease of playing the note F. You only use the pointer finger instead of 3 forked fingers, making it very challenging to play between notes.

Jean of Waldorf Inspired Learning used the recorder with her children and she enjoys the tone. Here is a guest post I wrote on her blog talking about the recorder. 

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