Colorful Bones

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We are a unique 3-piece family band from Atlanta, GA consisting of 3 generations.

Get a taste of our original music which has a flare of sunny indie rock/alternative vibes.

Here we are jamming on Let 'Em In



Jodie Mesler

singer/songwriter, piano and guitar player


Bella Mesler

bass player and vocalist


Jacob Irvin


Let 'Em In

Do me a favor, and let 'em in. What a great song!

We are big fans of Paul McCarney. He is my favorite Beatle. I love his solo stuff, too. My husband tells me I remind him of Linda and he says, you're my Linda. Bella likes Ringo and Jacob likes John.

~Jodie Mesler

Let's Party

Book us for your next family party. Contact Jodie at [email protected]

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