Hello! I’m Jodie Mesler, the business owner here at Living Music; where you will find my songs, my music books, my online music curricula in course format for homeschool parents and Waldorf Inspired educators, and I enroll individual students for private lessons in my home studio or online. I offer lessons for piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, flute, and starter flute like the recorder, pennywhistle and pentatonic flute. 

Think of me as your, "at home music teacher."

It is my desire to give you helpful musical knowledge that inspires you and your family to learn music together in a meaningful way.

Today we have incredible technology that has opened the doors to new learning possibilities!

The new way is by taking online music courses so you can teach your child.

  • get lesson plans
  • get guidance from a music teacher 
  • watch and see how to play your instrument
  • watch examples of how to teach your child

If you think you can’t do music because you feel like

  • you don’t have the proper knowledge or experience
  • or you just don't have enough time to do it on your own
  • or you lack motivation
  • or you don't have the money

I may have just the remedy for you.


Music is a desire born within each of us. A small child is always humming and singing; but unfortunately, if music is not developed at a young age, it becomes dormant.

It is important that you continue to cultivate music. It's never too late to begin because music is alive in you. You just need to wake it up.

The good news: you don't have to start off by reading music anymore, you have new technology right at your fingertips.

You get to start by singing songs and you get to learn how to play beginning instruments like the recorder and the piano, with instant online access.

All you need is

  • a good plan
  • a good guide
  • and a good place to start


I have a background in early childhood education and musical performance from Clayton State College. In 1994, I met my husband and we became a Blues and Jazz band. We performed in Atlanta, GA during the blue wave in the late 90s. 

I am currently working on a new songwriting project called, Memories and Dreams. You can check it out here.

I currently offer private lessons for piano, flute, guitar, soprano ukulele, baritone ukulele, bass guitar, pennywhistle, recorder, Choroi pentatonic and C flute to about 30 students and families each month.

In 2017, I wrote some original piano songs and made a 3 song EP, called Rays of Grace. You can stream my album on Spotify, iTunes, etc. or you can check out my solo piano work here.



My husband and I have three children, now grown. We homeschooled them during the early years using the Waldorf inspired curriculum. During this time, I realized how important the arts are for children to become intuitive and creative adults. The world truly needed a music curriculum dedicated to developing that sweet connection to the source energy of their inner being.

Resources were slim back in the day, so there was no Waldorf music curriculum for parents to follow, only books. And it's hard to learn music from a book. So I decided to create a music course specifically designed for parents like you to include videos with printable lesson sheets so you can get a better experience. You can watch how to play and teach, with lots of great tips from the many years of my playing and teaching.


  • living music is living within us
  • it is alive deep inside us
  • It is real time music made by humans, not machines
  • sometimes it is just our voices acapella
  • sometimes it is playing our instruments
  • It is a way to connect us to each other
  • It is a sweet way to unify us as a whole
  • it is backed by a beautiful philosophy of love and light
  • it is the natural way to make music
  • it is not an outside thing first, it is an inside thing
  • you can't sing first without breathing in
  • it is our connection to heaven
  • it is the one thing we can take with us from earth when we die
  • it is part of the education process that leads to freedom

When my young family first started, we began with pentatonic music, which we all found magical. I wish all kids could experience playing around on the pentatonic notes, because there are no wrong sounding notes and all the notes sound pleasing and endless.

Pentatonic melodies are often found in our American folk songs, too. I went on a hunt and found the ones that are in the pentatonic and we added them in to our days. What a fun way to learn music and history.

I was able to limit our media use and replace it with making live music. In a heavy media driven world, we had to go against what was popular. It was hard because our boys loved playing video games and watching videos.

I put together songs to sing throughout our days and seasons celebrating festivals and holidays. Then off in the distance, I would hear my kids singing our songs while they were in their rooms playing. Sweet success!

We added the pennywhistle, The Magic Flute, to the mix when my oldest turned 6, making music come more alive during our circle time and celebrations. At age 7, we continued to learn flute with Rainbow Rings, a full year of just flute!

Then as my oldest turned 8, I added my collection of American folk songs, Playful Pentatonic Piano to our days, which is an introduction to learning piano, including fun and games.

How easy it was to homeschool with so much music to add to all these amazing celebrations: Michaelmas, Martinmas, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, the Winter’s Solstice, the New Year, the Epiphany, Valentine’s Day, May Day, Vacations, Summer Solstice, 4th of July, Harvest, and Halloween.

We went on to share our live music with our homeschooling friends, church, the local schools and extended families.

Want our music plan for your family so you can create a magical homeschool full of great musical fun?


Imagine each season being filled with new songs for your family to fit all the wonderful life activities which include holidays and festivals.

When you start singing songs that fit your days, it creates so much joy. I love Christmas music, and every year I would sing the same songs I heard ever since I was a child.

So imagine, not only do you sing the same Christmas songs every year, you will get to sing songs about:

  • The Epiphany-Three Kings Day, Valentine's Day 
  • spring, May Pole, summer, vacations, summer solstice, and harvest and gardening
  • Michaelmas, apples, leaves, and autumn
  • pumpkins, Halloween, Martinmas, lanterns and lantern walks
  • Advent, stars, winter, peace and the winter solstice
  • Family heritage, daily life, the tooth fairy, and more

There are over 60 songs that we made for you. And the fun part, you get to begin your new year again with the same songs. This instills natural rhythm and awareness of the changes in nature.

"Our life is a joyful creation and our song is a joyful celebration." from Joyful Creation in our Waldorf Inspired Songs.

Our songs are full of love, light and meaning, and awe inspired about the wonder of life. Which is refreshing, because if you listen to current music, it's mostly about young people's relationships.

By listening to our music, you can get an idea of what a family sounds like singing together.  You can hear how I am not a trained singer. I am just a mom playing and singing with my kids.

These songs where made to give you examples of how you can do it, they are not perfect, they are doable.

When you look in the songbooks that come with the digital albums

  • You will see that I picked easy singing keys for moms
  • I made sure to use simple chords
  • Even a beginner can do it

I mostly use the key of D or key of G; meaning, out of twelve major keys, we just stick with two.

Our Songs in the Key of D & G are made for

  • our mother's singing voices
  • easy guitar chords
  • fits our starter flutes- pennywhistle, recorder, pentatonic flute
  • easy beginning songs with only 3 notes so young kids can play
  • also more advanced songs, too
  • you can also play these notes on piano 
  • to make it even easier, I created cheat sheets for those of you who can't read music with notes above the lyrics so you can play along.

Singing is the best way to start your music education with your family.

Get Started


Waldorf Inspired Songs

Autumn Festival Songs

Christmas Festival Songs

Make Way for King Winter

Sweet Songs for Spring and Summer


I would love to be your guide, as I have taught countless music lessons throughout the years and I will give you easy instructions on where and how to begin your musical education so you can teach your child.

Watch a few videos and you get a basic understanding of what your child needs musically.

  • Get lessons on how to play your instrument
  • how to practice on your instrument
  • get videos on how to teach your child
  • how to encourage your child to practice
  • get visual aids
  • lesson print outs
  • samples of me teaching children
  • extra videos showing how to add games to the songs

Then you simply teach your child only after a few lessons.

Continue to follow all the lessons and you and your child will have a new talent that brings your family so much joy.

Plus, you get support from me and all the families that are enrolled in the courses in our private Facebook community.


Volume 1  THE MAGIC FLUTE for teaching beginning music using the starter flute for ages 6 and up

Volume 2  RAINBOW RINGS for continuing to teach beginning music on the starter flute for ages 7 and up

Playful Pentatonic Piano beginning piano using American Folk Songs and games for teaching ages 6-12

Playful Pentatonic Piano 2 continue the fun learning beginning piano



“Living Music has been a very dear resource for our family for many years now. It’s how I gained the passion and confidence to play myself, which enabled me to bring the delightful and sweet music of Jodie's digital albums, and many other songs and verses, to my children in their early years. And we have used Living Music’s music method for my children the last three years. It's been the magic ingredient that allowed for us to have such a strong musical presence in our home, and has made for such an enchanting experience. I have even written a song called Sweeping Song. It’s a pentatonic song we sing and play on our pennywhistles. It goes like this:"

 "Thank you, Jodie, for giving us another magical journey!"

-Miriam Hurr


Imagine being able to add uplifting and meaningful music to all your days, just by listening and singing along to one of my digital albums or enrolling in one of my music courses.

You don’t want miss this opportunity while your kids are still young. They want to experience this exciting music journey with you.

Not only will you be helping their brains develop, but also the whole being- mind, body and soul. This is so important for developing healthy human beings.

All you have to do is enroll in the music courses or choose a songbook at Living Music and let the natural human music flow in a way it was intended.

I promise you will gain so much confidence about starting music with your family, just like my family and many other families have gained a musical gift to last them a lifetime.

I have done all the work for you from my many hours of teaching hundreds of children and families throughout the years.

Get your music plan today that is right for your family that leads transformation and to music making success TODAY!

 Join us and the many families who have chosen to make music apart of their everyday life.


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