How to Play a Starter Flute

 and teach your child  

with step-by-step music lessons


start with a recorder, pennywhistle or wooden flute

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Online Music Curriculum

for parents to teach beginning music starting at age 6

Recommended ages 6-9

and for beginning parents

Want a new way to teach your kids music that is different from the way you were taught?


You want to teach your children music, but you may have bad memories from your childhood or your were taught music in a way that was intimidating and you gave up. Or you simply want a better approach that is creative and holistic.


When you use the music courses from Living Music, you will be surprised that you can teach music right away without much experience, and even better, get a fresh new way of teaching music simply by ear.


Music is something your hear, not read.


Your kids will get a nice start to music this new way.


The first year is you learning how to play a starter flute and then guiding your child to learning the discovery of sound and the discovery of rhythm through games, singing, imitation- the flute is just a tool for teaching music.

Teach only 3 notes B,A, & G to your child as you learn

B,A,G & E,D.

Don’t miss out on this special time with your young children who want to share this music journey with you.

If you were feeling scared before about learning music because you don't know a lot about music, much less how to teach it to your kids; no worries, because you get everything you need in

The Magic Flute

Music Curriculum 

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was $125

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My Band Project

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My Solo Project

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