Private Lessons

For the past 20 years I have successfully taught hundreds of children and adults to play. 

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Music Curriculum

Take COURSES on how to begin making music with your kids in so many different ways other than just sitting down and figuring out sheet music


Music Lives in Your Heart

Learn how to make Living Music that comes from your heart so you can enliven the love of music for your children by following these simple steps without the musical accademic stress of reading music.

Get this free guide and begin your creative musical education journey with your family in this fun, easy to do, step-by-step way.

8 Steps to Create Living Music

Get the free guide! Also get the latest news about Living Music, along with great free content, webinars, and special deals.

Welcome to My Home

Music Curricula just for parents like you!


Music Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Lesson Plans and Video Lessons for the School Year

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Beginner Lessons

This is a gentle Waldorf inspired approach

Learn how to play and teach music lessons to your kids, using the MAGIC FLUTE pennywhistle, recorder or the pentatonic flute

I will help guide you to learn your instrument first so you can feel confident to teach your child

USE for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade

Learn how to make it fun by singing, hand claps and adding movement with games and improvisation at the end


Have Musical Experience?

Flute Lessons 

Begin as early as age 7. Recommended for 2nd through 5th grade

20 lessons including everything you need to teach your child with up to 40 lesson and folk songs

Performance based

Make it fun by earning rainbow rings once your child finishes his performance list earning up to 7 rings


Starter Flute Bundle

Get Both Courses, The Magic Flute and Rainbow Rings and SAVE 25%!

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6 Step Process for Piano Playing Success

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Beginning Piano Lessons

How would you like a more gentle approach, multi-sensory approach to starting piano with your kids!

I'll show you and your children how to learn music WITHOUT reading music notes. But by the way music was first intended, by listening and imitating, so that you can easily become successful right away.

This is a great new activity that you can both learn at the same time.

Use my 6 Step Process for Piano Playing Success.

PARENTS, learn along side your kids 7 and under...

KIDS 9 and up can try this course on their own with your assistance from time to time...

PIANO TEACHERS, get a better and more fun way to introduce the piano to your beginning students....


Level Up!


Parents, do you want a great new activity that you and your children can learn at the same time?

Get this collection of unique folk songs and gain a new skill when you and your kids take this course.

Learn how to play without reading music, but by the way music was intended by listening and imitating. 

Even though you don't learn how to read music yet, you both will learn how to develop sight reading skills from the lyric sheet lesson guide by using it as a reference to add artistry, dynamics, style, and rhythm to the songs. 

This course also includes playful games, improvisation and performance videos. 

This is another great course to learn the magic of the pentatonic notes, especially if you loved the first course, Playful Pentatonic Piano 2.



Piano Bundle

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Private Lessons via Zoom

I offer lessons for FLUTE, PIANO, UKULELE, RECORDER, PENNYWHISTLE, or PENTATONIC FLUTE. My husband Brian offers lessons on GUITAR. We teach you multiple musical skills so you can play the songs you love in only a few lessons and by the end of the year you will be able to play with confidence and precision. ~Brian and Jodie. Sign up, today!

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