Music Courses and Lessons for Beginning Instruments

You are a teacher or homeschool parent who loves music, but you need a few music lessons on how to play and teach a beginning musical instrument.


Give the exact lessons to your kids while gaining the tools you need to do it.

Even if you have no musical experience.

You can learn music together with your child as you go, I make it fun, you gain confidence and your child gets the music education you always wanted for yourself.

I am here to help guide you!

The Lessons are Holistic and Waldorf Inspired 


Take a Music Lesson with Jodie

Get a quick lesson for piano, recorder, singing and movement in a holistic approach

GET ACCESS to the music sheet, lesson video and MORE when you sign up!


Start Here!

Beginner Lessons

Learn how to give music lessons to your young child, using the pennywhistle, recorder or the pentatonic flute while getting all kinds of great ideas for how to add music to your day.

This is great for kids who are in 1st grade.

Not only do you learn how to play the starter flute but you learn how to teach, how to make it fun by singing, hand claps and adding movement with games and improvisation at the end.

I will help guide you to learn your instrument first.

This is a gentle approach, it is for you if you like holistic and Waldorf Inspired methods.


Level Up!

Music Lessons 

Teach a full year of how to play pennywhistle, recorder or the pentatonic flute that revolves around the 4 seasons starting in Autumn to go with your school year.

Make it fun by earning rainbow rings as you move through the lessons each month, creating incentive for your child.

Continue to teach your child after The Magic Flute.

Or Begin here, especially if you have musical experience and you want to dive deep into teaching starter flute lessons. 

Great for kids in 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade.


Start Here!

Beginning Piano Lessons

Begin here! Before you sign up for piano lessons with a piano teacher, start here first!  

You get a gentle new approach to starting piano with your kids!

I'll show you and your children how to learn music WITHOUT reading music notes. But by the way music was first intended, by listening and imitating, so that you can easily become successful right away.

This is a great new activity that you can both learn at the same time.

We will only use the black keys so you both can easily master the songs.

PARENTS, learn along side your kids 7 and under...

KIDS 9 and up can try this course on their own with your assistance from time to time...

PIANO TEACHERS, get a better and more fun way to introduce the piano to your beginning students....


Level Up!


Parents, do you want a great new activity that you and your children can learn at the same time?

Get this collection of unique folk songs and gain a new skill when you and your kids take this course.

Learn how to play without reading music, but by the way music was intended by listening and imitating. 

Even though you don't learn how to read music yet, you both will learn how to develop sight reading skills from the lyric sheet lesson guide by using it as a reference to add artistry, dynamics, style, and rhythm to the songs. 

This course also includes playful games, improvisation and performance videos. 

This is another great course to learn the magic of the pentatonic notes, especially if you loved the first course, Playful Pentatonic Piano 2.



Private Lessons via Zoom

I offer lessons for FLUTE, UKULELE, RECORDER, PENNYWHISTLE, or PENTATONIC FLUTE. My husband Brian offers lessons on GUITAR. We teach you multiple musical skills so you can play the songs you love in only a few lessons and by the end of the year you will be able to play with confidence and precision. ~Brian and Jodie Mesler. Sign up, today!

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