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Playful Pentatonic Piano Course


American Folk Songs and Games


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A Better Way to Begin Piano that Inspires You and Your Family to Learn Music Together

Today we have incredible technology that has opened the doors to new learning possibilities!

It's by taking online music lessons so you can teach your child

  • get lesson plans with real songs
  • a music teacher
  • and a music community

If you think you can't do music because you feel like

  • you don't have the proper knowledge or experience
  • you don't have enough time to do it on your own
  • you lack motivation

I have just the remedy for you!!

Black Keys Only

  • A perfect way to learn the pentatonic notes using the black keys only
  • Finally understand what pentatonic means by watching the videos
  • Pentatonic Songs are a part of Early America and they are even in our current songs today
  • Most Piano teachers and beginning piano method books miss this beautiful opportunity to teach the Pentatonic Scale First
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6 Step Process for Piano Playing Success

COMPLETE EBOOK full of helpful tips. Comes with printable poster of the steps and printable monthly practice journal sheets.

  1. Hand Position

  2. Signs

  3. Notes

  4. Rhythm

  5. Dynamics

  6. Artistry

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Playful Pentatonic Piano

  • Learn Beginning Piano with complete step-by-step music plans.
  • Learn how to teach your child in a playful way.
  • Watch the Videos with Piano Teacher Jodie Mesler
  • Get 2 ebooks
  • Printable Music
  • Printable Poster
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Waldorf Inspired Approach
  • Not like any other piano method
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Beautiful Handwritten Music 

  • Begin leaning how to read music using Pentatonic American Folk Songs hand drawn by Jodie Mesler.
  • She will guide you with 6 Steps to Reading Music beginning with just a few basics.
  • Colorful Music is also a guide to learning Right and Left Hand's finger numbers.
  • Listen to the Song
  • Learn the Song
  • Watch the Lesson with Jodie and student
  • Learn How to Teach
  • Play the Game
  • Try out Improvisation
  • Soon the song will live in you and your hearts.
  • Get a close connection to your American Heritage while teaching your child.
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  • Each folk song comes with a game on video

  • Learning through movement and play is a child's favorite way to learn!

  • 6 Steps To Reading Music captured in The Dice Game

  • Build a House Toss Game

  • Find It On the Map Game

  • Bean Bag Rhythm Game

  • and more



For all the folk songs included in the lesson section, you get advanced tips, like learning how to improv, which means making up music melodies in the moment. 

For each song, listen first to Jodie with the student making up melodies in the moment, then you get to play along with her in the next video. 


You will get an intro to counting the music notes like whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. 


Test your ears and see if you can find the piano melodies on the white keys. Songs like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, and more. I give you the starter note on the white keys and you take the challenge.

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Personal Guidance from Jodie Mesler

*Once you purchase Playful Pentatonic Piano, you have access to Private Community with Jodie Mesler.

*About Jodie Mesler, your instructor.

*She offers new tips and live videos of her students.

*Meet other like minded parents and share your experience.

*Join the Club!

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