Playful Pentatonic Piano 2


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Dacia, Mom of 2

Playful Pentatonic Piano 2 was a hit! My daughters, (9yrs) and (7yrs) especially love the songs about horses in them! 

Horses are played with, drawn, written about every day in our house these days.  The girls walk around the house singing all of the songs, and are actually practicing nearly everyday. . . on their own. 

It reminds me of when I was young.  I told them that I just loved (and still do) playing the piano and that no one ever had to tell me to practice.  It is so nice to see.  Thank you for all of your work in this.  

I also should say that I am very thrilled to see that they are both developing a good ear already with your curriculum.  I love it!   

Continue the Fun in a Playful Way!

Get New American Folk Songs to Learn 

Jodie Mesler Guides You Along the Way

  • Watch entertaining videos of Jodie with her student Anna
  • Get full instructions for each song
  • Play games and get lots of music ideas
  • Learn how to make up your own melodies
  • Finally perform for your family

Be the First to Get Started Today and Don't Miss the Fun!

Black Keys Only

  • Pentatonic Music is Magic
  • All Black Keys Make Melodic Music
  • Easy
  • Black Keys Are Mesmerizing 
  • Black Keys Make Catchy Tunes
  • New American Folk Songs for You to Discover
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  • Each folk song comes with a game on video

  • Learning through movement and play is a child's favorite way to learn!

  • 6 Steps To Reading Music captured in The Dice Game

  • Advanced Rhythm Games

  • Find the Song on the Map 

  • Add it to Your American Block Studies


What You Get

  • another Playful Learning Experience that is Easy and Fun
  • Includes 7 Engaging American Folk Songs
  • each of the 7 Songs come with 5 Videos 
  • 1. Listen
  • 2. Learn
  • 3. Play game
  • 4. Improv
  • 5. Perform
  • Fun Games and other Fun Activities
  • Get a Strong Foundation on How to Learn Music
  • Piano Folk Songbook 
  • Finally understand the Magic of the Pentatonic Scale
  • Great Guidance from Jodie Mesler with her student Anna
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What's Inside


  • Begin leaning how to read music using Pentatonic American Folk Songs hand drawn by Jodie Mesler.
  • She will guide you with 6 Steps to Reading Music beginning with just a few basics.
  • Colorful Music is also a guide to learning Right and Left Hand's finger numbers.
  • Listen to the Song
  • Learn the Song
  • Watch the Lesson with Jodie and student
  • Learn How to Teach
  • Play the Game
  • Try out Improvisation
  • Watch How Easy it is To Learn Once you Follow All The Steps
  • Get a close connection to your American Heritage while teaching your child
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Another Great Testimony

  • Who remembers Shorntin' Bread? Mama's little baby loves shortnin', shortnin', mama's little baby loves shortnin' bread. Did you know it's a song from Georgia? And you can play it on these black keys. Give it a try......... 

    Frances gave it a try, and said,

    "Interesting! I haven't heard the tune but have heard of the song, and I can't read music but will be able to figure it out by using your helpful diagram (especially by also looking up the tune). This will be the first time that anyone has shown me the fingering patterns of any musical piece! Intriguing!"

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6 Step Process for Piano Playing Success

COMPLETE EBOOK full of helpful tips. Comes with printable poster of the steps and printable monthly practice journal sheets.

  1. Hand Position

  2. Signs

  3. Notes

  4. Rhythm

  5. Dynamics

  6. Artistry

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Meet Your Teacher 

Jodie Mesler

*About Jodie Mesler, your instructor.


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