Teach Recorder Lessons Even if You Have Little or No Music Training 


PARENTS and TEACHERS, You can Teach Beginning Music to your kids even if you have little or no musical education.


I've never played an instrument before, but always wanted to.  Jodie’s course has made learning really easy, not intimidating at all, and so much fun! I've enjoyed her lessons so much!

~Jennifer, mother of 2



Hey Parents and Teachers!

Why should you learn how to play the flute and teach kids music?

It is a creative activity that brings you together and gets you both off technology.

The best reason is that it develops the brain in a way nothing else can. You get smarter, your kids get smarter!

And if you start with a flute, it will develop strong lungs. This is great for child development during the ages 7-14, as the heart and lung area is growing stronger each day.

AND unlike piano, it takes breath to make a sound, which gives them a more closer connection to your soul and you can feel the resonance throughout your whole body.

Singing and playing music lifts your mood and you have more happiness in your days.

This activity challenges you both and when you master each lesson it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Music uses all your senses- fulfilling the the MIND, BODY and SOUL!

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Teach Great Lessons

How exciting to have 20 Music Lessons all planned out for you so you can enjoy teaching your kids in the most fun way!

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Full Year Curriculum

You will only teach two new lessons per month filling all your days with plenty of music.

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Get 2 New Skills

Learn to knit and become a musician. By the end of the year you will be able to play the starter flute and you get to knit a flute case.

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Your Kids Will Love It!

My kids, parents and students love it because it's so fun. They tell me all the time how much they are enjoying it!

What is it?

You get to take your kids on a magic musical journey for an entire year, with this music curriculum course for the young child.

First, you get to start with a story about The Magic Flute.

Don't buy your flute, yet! Because you get to learn all about the pennywhistle, recorder, Choroi pentatonic flute, and the Choroi C Octa Flute, as I explain and demonstrate theses for you so you can decide which is best for your family.

Next, you get to learn how to play your flute, by watching the short but sweet teacher lessons.

Next, you get to view the lessons that you will be teaching your child, with all my tips for teaching them you will get the confidence you need to begin. 

It's so easy- you only have to learn about 8 notes and teach your child only 3! Remember it's about learning music and teaching your young child. You can do so much with 3 notes.

Yes, only 3 notes! With only 3 notes you can imitate sounds like a train, the wind, etc. You can imitate rhythms, the rhythm of the flute or the rhythm of speech, you play games, you sing, you add movement, you play games, and you make up melodies. This is a gentle, fun and creative way for you, the beginning parent, and for your young child.

Remember hand claps from your childhood like Miss Mary Mack? You get to teach your kids these too because it is helping develop rhythm.

RHYTHM and IMITATION is the primary focus of this age!

View lesson one at a time, just staying one lesson ahead is all you need.

Next, you can print out the 20 lessons. Use these lessons to help guide you as you play and teach your child- IT'S ALL PLANNED OUT FOR YOU. 

GET READY, SET AND GO! You learn your flute, get your plans printed, and teach your child.

And for extra fun, which is also optional, you can make a flute case with you child. Knit one patch at a time as you go through the 4 blocks.

Anther added bonus- earn your magic rings. The lessons are in 4 blocks, as you complete each block, your child earns a ring and at the same time can knit a flute patch to go with each block.

And last, once your child finished all 4 blocks, earns 4 magic rings, end the year by presenting the golden ring with a printable certificate of completion of The Magic Flute.

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7 Teacher Lesson Videos

Learn to Play the Starter Flute

Proper Hand Position

Learn 3 Note Songs First

Learn Flute Techniques

Learn Teaching Tips

Tips on How to Practice

 Gain Confidence 

 How to Fix Flute Problems

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20 Videos

How to Teach Your Child

6 Essential Music Skills

1. Listening

2. Tone

3. Notes

4. Rhythms

5. Games

6. Improvisation 

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Storytelling for Your Child

Listen to this live storytelling with your kids so they can get excited about you teaching them how to play the starter flute!

It's a story for kids about the adventures of Cobie Jo's flute and Randall's purple stone as they discover a magic door. 

Want to listen to the story for free? 

Listen Now

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Before You Buy a Flute Watch these Videos to Help You Pick the Flute for Your Family

1. C Flute

2. Pennywhistle

3. Recorder

5. Pentatonic Flute


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Practice Videos

1. How to Practice

2. Printable Practice Plans

3. Magic Ring Poster

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Knitting Videos

How to Knit 

How to Make a Flute Case

Knitting Pattern PDF

Get Two New Skills: How to Knit and How to Play the Starter Flute


I am ready to get started.


Meet Jodie Mesler Your Music Teacher

Hi! I'm Jodie Mesler. I currently teach private lessons to about 20 students once a week at my home or online. I also enjoy helping parents get started on the starter flutes at homeschool workshops. I have always been a performer and songwriter. 

I found that there is a more gentle way to introduce music to our creative spirits while having so much fun. I love watching parents and students become fantastic songwriters and I am amazed at their ability to pick out tunes by ear. To witness this transformation right before my eyes is such a blessing.

My biggest transformation during my own music journey has been so rewarding. I can now hear melodies in my head and translate them into earthly music and it is one of the best feelings ever. 

May you be transformed like me and so many others during your musical journey!

READ more about my story HERE.

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What Moms and Dads Are Saying About This Course


I have to rave about Jodie Mesler's The Magic Flute Volume 1! I just finished the first lesson and cannot believe how easy it was for me to play the pentatonic flute! I have been feeling like I might not be able to teach my 6-year-old daughter the flute in September. Now I know that I can do it, and Jodie already has the lessons all planned out for me in her course! ~Nichole



I’m a total beginner in playing musical instruments. But I know how important music is for young children. So being a homeschooling mom, I purchased The Magic Flute full course. Right from the start, I could make a pleasant sound on my recorder, that means that Jodie explains it so well in her program, that a beginner like me could get it right away and so fast. For example, she was great at explaining how to slur, which is when you blow two or more notes together in one stream of air. I got the course only a few weeks ago, and surprisingly, we already do our music classes with my 4 children. My kids totally love it! They are ages: 10, 7, 4, and 1. I can already imagine how much new music we are going to have here, thanks Jodie, for your wonderful program! ~Evgania



I am SO looking forward to making music with my kids! I learned to play in a very strict environment and I definitely want to make it a pleasant relaxing experience for my kids. I really am so excited to share this with my kids. I think it's wonderful! ~Kristina



I have been lucky enough to attend Jodie’s recorder sessions at Taproot Teacher Training in Ohio and she made this ogre fingered dad create fairy inspired notes within 45 minutes so I trust her judgement and knowledge on the subject of teaching music to children. Her insight and love of the pennywhistle has inspired me to choose it as my 6-year-old daughter’s first instrument. The entire Waldorf approach to the lively arts cultivates a child’s thirst to learn through play and she has touched on those points throughout her course. ~Joe



I started The Magic Flute course with my daughter a little over a month ago. It has been magical to discover your course. I was looking for an organic approach to teach music. I have some musical background but it was always overly academic and I am very self conscious about it. Finding your curriculum feels like I finally have a way for us both to approach this thing I have always wanted for my family. ~Paige



The first thing I would say is that as someone who is not very musically literate, particularly when it comes to wind instruments, Jodie’s orientation about how to choose a flute is SO VALUABLE. Music is such an investment, and her course gives parents the information they need in order to know how to best spend their money.

Secondly,  I loved the way Jodie explained the differences between the different flutes and why certain flutes work best for young children. That was so very helpful.

She really has an incredible teaching gift. I love that she breaks things down in very manageable pieces. I never feel overwhelmed. I also love that you don't have to know a ton in order to begin playing, right away. My 8-year-old son sat with me while she was teaching and followed along. He was very engaged. He wants a pennywhistle! ~Amy



I've never played an instrument before, but always wanted to.  Jodie’s curriculum has made learning really easy, not intimidating at all, and so much fun! I've enjoyed her videos so much~Jennifer



We've been playing the freeze game where I play and then they freeze when I stop playing and they love it! She shares her love of the pennywhistle with me and my kids in so many playful ways. She makes it fun for the whole family! ~Gennie



We are very excited about learning the pennywhistle. I am not at all musical but Jodie’s course is amazing and I am feeling confident that we can do it. She has video teacher lessons as well as the child lessons makes me feel more confident in teaching. ~Tracey



Oh my gosh! The kids love The Story of the Magic Flute! They just love it! I thought they might be too old for it, but I have to tell you they aren't! 

And they love Jodie’s storytelling voice. I told them they could meet her someday and they are psyched! My kids are 9 and 11 and they are Cade (9) and Laura (11) ~Jennine



Oh my goodness, thank you so much Jodie! I just downloaded the songs and started listening to Make Way for King Winter. My son came up to me and said "Mom, do you remember The Story of The Magic Flute with the rings and stuff? I want to do that." It blows my mind because it's been a good 6 months since we even listened to it and we only did it once! Needless to say, he will be SO excited for all of this!!!! We can't wait! ~Heather



I’ve been at this Waldorf homeschooling for awhile, my oldest is 19 and in college, youngest is 10; and these are great!!!! I’ve gone through the Teacher Lessons 1, 2, and 3 and I am loving them. I already play recorder so I’m using that instead of the pennywhistle. I’m not speaking from a beginner’s perspective but the beauty of the course is that if one needs to review and move at a slower pace they can.

In addition to homeschooling my daughter (5th grade), I teach a Waldorf-inspired group at my home once a week and that has younger kids as well. It’s  for grades 2-5 this year. We’ll continue with the recorder in that group and I still find her materials very helpful. So, when folks ask if they can use this with the recorder, I’d say yes, yes, yes. 

I did wake up this morning inspired to get two pennywhistles for my daughter and for me to play as well. I love music. I sing in a women’s group, and I plan on offering some kind of musical adventure in our weekly homeschooling co-op, a larger eclectic group, this fall. Jodie has already created all the lessons, so inspiring! The Waldorf world will benefit greatly.

I’m going to Taproot Teacher Training this weekend and I will definitely be mentioning Jodie's materials. Barbara Dewey offers this annual Waldorf homeschooling retreat every summer and I’m teaching a class for Grades 1 and 2 and a class for Grade 4. She lives on a farm with a pond and I am looking forward to going as I always meet really interesting people. We spend the whole weekend immersed in all things Waldorf. I love being able to lead the morning singing each day.  

I hope you get to enjoy her music curriculum. Can’t wait for more! ~ Jean Miller



When I think about people how have touched my life, I have to include one fantastic Waldorf inspired Mama, Jodie Mesler. I was listening to some of her songs this morning, like I have many times over the last 10 years that I have known her and I wanted to make sure you all know her!! Jodie Mesler is a wonderful Waldorf centered teacher and musician. If you haven't checked out her Waldorf Inspired Songs then get busy!

I have to say that her work is WONDERFUL!!!  By far the best way I have found to introduce a blowing instrument.  I think the pennywhistle is a great little piece - it is important for us to remember that Rudolf Steiner never actually said it has to be a recorder!  My daughter plays both and the two instruments are easily interchangeable in my opinion.

I think this is great no matter what your child's age but especially helpful for parents who are beginners. ~Melisa Nielsen

Ready to gain new skills as you give the gift of music?