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2 Winter Songbooks with 2 Digital Albums

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Hey Parents and Teachers!

Do you know how to make music and bring the family together this winter?

It's easy, let's get started!

The Magic Flute Full Online Course

  • 7 Teacher Lesson Videos
  • 20 Lessons with videos on How to Teach Your Child
  • Storytelling for Your Child to Get Started
  • Videos About Starter Flutes like Pennywhistle, Recorder, C Flute and Pentatonic Flute
  • Practice Plans and How to Practice Videos
  • How to Make a Flute Case with knitting instructions and pattern

As an extra added bonus treat yourself:

Make Way for King Winter Songbook

  • 11 Songs
  • Make Way for King Winter Digital Album

Christmas Festival Songs Songbook

  • 20 Songs
  • Christmas Festival Songs Digital Album 

A great holiday bundle price! 


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Teach Great Lessons

How exciting to have 20 Music Lessons all planned out for you so you can enjoy teaching your kids in the most fun way!

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Full Year Curriculum

You will only teach two new lessons per month filling all your days with plenty of ideas to make and create music.

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Get 2 New Skills

Learn to knit and become a musician. By the end of the year you will be able to play the flute and  knit a flute case.

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Your Kids Will Love It!

Finally, there is a gentler approach that is especially designed for young kids that is truly magical!

“What Exactly is the Magic Flute?”

The Magic Flute is a completely digital online course that teaches your child how to play the starter flute from the beginning of your chid’s 1st grade year to the end! 

The “magic flute” is your child’s first blowing instrument.

Choose between a recorder, pennywhistle, or Choroi C Octa or pentatonic wooden flute, as any of these 4 flutes will work for this course.

You get to choose!

I even include helpful videos about each instrument in this course, so can figure out which is best for you and your child.

But if you want me to recommend a starting flute, I would say the pennywhistle, that is what I used with my 3 children.

I believe learning should be magical in a sense that we’re transforming your child into a skilled instrumentalist by the simple love of learning without the stress of a rigorous routine that some academic methods use to teach children how to play an instrument.

With my lessons, you don't just play music~ the music will LIVE in you.

That’s why I’ve created 20 detailed musical lessons for you and your little one to follow. 

The most amazing thing about this course is you won’t feel like you’re learning, I’ve created this course to feel like absolute fun for you and your little one!

In this all inclusive course you’ll learn 8 notes, and you’ll only need to teach your child 3...yes only 3 notes

The most amazing thing is that you and your child won’t feel like you’re learning,


throughout the course

you’ll play games,


do hand claps,

add movement to your routine,

or to circle time,

make up songs,

imitate sounds in nature;

making the course fun

and easy to follow,

and you can do these with all your kids, if you have multiple ages.

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7 Teacher Lesson Videos

Learn to Play the Starter Flute

Proper Hand Position

Learn 3 Note Songs First

Learn Flute Techniques

Learn Teaching Tips

Tips on How to Practice

 Gain Confidence 

 How to Fix Flute Problems

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20 Videos

How to Teach Your Child

6 Essential Music Skills

1. Listening

2. Tone

3. Notes

4. Rhythms

5. Games

6. Improvisation 

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Storytelling for Your Child

Listen to this live storytelling with your kids so they can get excited about you teaching them how to play the starter flute!


Listen Now

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Before You Buy a Flute Watch these Videos to Help You Pick the Flute for Your Family

1. C Flute

2. Pennywhistle

3. Recorder

5. Pentatonic Flute


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Practice Videos

1. How to Practice

2. Printable Practice Plans

3. Magic Ring Poster

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Knitting Videos

How to Knit 

How to Make a Flute Case

Knitting Pattern PDF

Get Two New Skills: How to Knit and How to Play the Starter Flute


Hi, I'm Jodie, the creator of The Magic Flute and Songbooks

I am a mother of three kids, a private music teacher and course creator. I help my kids and students develop a love for music.

I created courses like The Magic Flute as I learned there’s more gentle ways to introduce music to our creative spirits that is also Waldorf-inspired from my days homeschooling our children and from the many flute and piano students I have worked with throughout my 25 years of teaching music.

Through my training, I’ve helped my kids, parents and children develop an ear for music, and become great musicians.

Most importantly, I’ve witnessed children and parents develop a strong relationship with each other.

I witness how music has transformed their lives.

Now I’m ready to help you do the same!

READ more about my story HERE.

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What Moms and Dads Are Saying About The Magic Flute Course


I have to rave about Jodie Mesler's The Magic Flute Volume 1! I just finished the first lesson and cannot believe how easy it was for me to play the pentatonic flute! I have been feeling like I might not be able to teach my 6-year-old daughter the flute in September. Now I know that I can do it, and Jodie already has the lessons all planned out for me in her course! ~Nichole



I’m a total beginner in playing musical instruments. But I know how important music is for young children. So being a homeschooling mom, I purchased The Magic Flute full course. Right from the start, I could make a pleasant sound on my recorder, that means that Jodie explains it so well in her program, that a beginner like me could get it right away and so fast. For example, she was great at explaining how to slur, which is when you blow two or more notes together in one stream of air. I got the course only a few weeks ago, and surprisingly, we already do our music classes with my 4 children. My kids totally love it! They are ages: 10, 7, 4, and 1. I can already imagine how much new music we are going to have here, thanks Jodie, for your wonderful program! ~Evgania



I am SO looking forward to making music with my kids! I learned to play in a very strict environment and I definitely want to make it a pleasant relaxing experience for my kids. I really am so excited to share this with my kids. I think it's wonderful! ~Kristina



I have been lucky enough to attend Jodie’s recorder sessions at Taproot Teacher Training in Ohio and she made this ogre fingered dad create fairy inspired notes within 45 minutes so I trust her judgement and knowledge on the subject of teaching music to children. Her insight and love of the pennywhistle has inspired me to choose it as my 6-year-old daughter’s first instrument. The entire Waldorf approach to the lively arts cultivates a child’s thirst to learn through play and she has touched on those points throughout her course. ~Joe



I started The Magic Flute course with my daughter a little over a month ago. It has been magical to discover your course. I was looking for an organic approach to teach music. I have some musical background but it was always overly academic and I am very self conscious about it. Finding your curriculum feels like I finally have a way for us both to approach this thing I have always wanted for my family. ~Paige



The first thing I would say is that as someone who is not very musically literate, particularly when it comes to wind instruments, Jodie’s orientation about how to choose a flute is SO VALUABLE. Music is such an investment, and her course gives parents the information they need in order to know how to best spend their money.

Secondly,  I loved the way Jodie explained the differences between the different flutes and why certain flutes work best for young children. That was so very helpful.

She really has an incredible teaching gift. I love that she breaks things down in very manageable pieces. I never feel overwhelmed. I also love that you don't have to know a ton in order to begin playing, right away. My 8-year-old son sat with me while she was teaching and followed along. He was very engaged. He wants a pennywhistle! ~Amy


I am ready to give my child the gift of music this holiday season!


Here's What You'll Get with The Magic Flute Course Music Curriculum

7 Teacher Lesson Video that will take you step by step. I’ll teach you:

  • How to Play the Starter Flute
  • Proper Hand Position
  • How to learn for first 3 notes, then next, the other pentatonic notes
  • Flute Techniques
  • Tips on how teach your little student
  • Tips on how to make practicing fun
  • Tips on singing
  • How to help your student gain self confidence
  • How to troubleshoot any flute problems.
  • Tips on how to teach in a gentle, holistic, and Waldorf-inspired way
  • All taught to you in an easy, sing-song, by ear approach without having the stress of reading music

Storytelling to help you get your child started on their musical journey. 

get access to the story now

I’m going to help you and your little one build your musical relationship before you get started, this live storytelling will help you and your child get excited about the starter flute!

How To Pick The Perfect Starter Flute:

I’ll help you figure out which flute is best for you out of your 4 choices.

  1. Recorder
  2. Pennywhistle
  3. Choroi C Octa Flute
  4. Choroi Pentatonic Flute

Step by step practice videos, with easy to follow plans.

BONUS:  Learn how to knit a flute case for your new instrument, which follows the Waldorf homeschool curriculum.

  • How to Knit 
  • How to Make a Flute Case
  • Knitting Pattern 
  • Get Two New Skills: How to Knit and How to Play the Starter Flute

20 Lessons that include videos with step by step help on how to teach your child by ear without reading music.


I’ll break down each skill within each lesson:

1. Listening

You get to first develop listening in this magical way: Learn how to play a summoning song on your magic flute. Think of yourself as the Pied Piper as you begin each lesson this way. Your child will come running to you when they hear you play the summoning song on the flute. Many parents have used this to start their circle time each school day. My kids loved this! And this is the first step in creating magic! I promise your child will come running every time they hear you play the summoning song!


2. Tone

At this point, you have picked your favorite magic flute that you love because of the sound and ease of playing.

We chose the pennywhistle for our kids and I demonstrate the lessons using it. You will get ideas on how to teach the wonder of tone. It's all about the discovery of sound as you allow this special TONE time to help your child figure out how it the flute makes a sound.


3. Notes

You, the teacher, will only use the Pentatonic Notes for the first 2 years. You can easliy master 7 notes!!!!

E1 D1, BAG, E and D

Here is a playful way to remember the note names: A little boy named Ed [E1 D1] took his hiking bag [BAG] down the hill to his father, Ed [ED]

Your child will only learn the 3 easy ones to play on the flute which are B, A, and G.

We don't use notes C or F. These notes are taught in 3rd grade. If you would like a great introduction to the pentatonic notes and why they are so amazing, I wrote a piano course especially for you so you can get a great foundation in understanding the importance of the pentatonic notes. Check out Playful Pentatonic Piano.


4. Rhythm 

To teach rhythm there are 3 different ways.

  1. By making up a rhythm on the flute, then your child copies it, called Call and Response.
  2.  I have selected familiar verses to make teaching rhythm super easy for you. See example lesson below, Jack and Jill.
  3.  I have selected a hand clap for each lesson, no flute required, just simply teach rhythm by using those hand claps you may have learned as a child like Miss Mary Mack.


5. Sing and Play a Song 

When a lesson is taught, we use singing and playing together. 

By the end of the course your child will be singing and playing 3 notes songs like:

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny, hot cross buns.

[BAG]  [BAG]  [GGGG]  [AAAA]  [BAG] 


6. Improvisation 

A creative addition to this course is learning to make up your own melody or song. I give you the starting ideas on how to be creative with up to 3 notes. In this example, we will only use 1 note.

  1. Idea- a blue bird
  2. Artistry- sweet, happy, upbeat
  3. Notes- B, Now make up a melody with this idea and artistry in mind using one note. Take this one note and play the note, lifting the finger off and on quickly to sound like a sweet blue bird.


7. Game 

I came up with a musical game for each lesson, like Listen and Freeze. Play some melodic notes while dancing. Have the kids dance with you as they hear you play. Then stop playing as you stop dancing and say, "freeze!" Then you continue, again and again, with just playing, moving, stopping, and freezing. They will imitate you! Some of my students do this with their little brothers and sisters, too. Once they learn it from you.  



Here is a Sample Lesson Plan

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Watch a Mom Teach Her Kids Lesson 1

Ready to get the gift of music this holiday season?