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Rainbow Rings

Volume 2

Full Year Music Curriculum

by Jodie Mesler

Follows The Magic Flute Volume 1

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What Moms and Dads Are Saying About VOLUME 2



This is truly an amazing curriculum. When I began using The Magic Flute Volume 1 last year it was a breath of fresh air. It brought fun and games and play into our home and music lessons. Volume 2 carries Jodie's wonderful teaching style and beautifully laid out lesson plans all the while expanding from Volume 1 into an amazingly complex and deep curriculum. She has gone above and beyond with this Volume. It will be used for several years in our home. ~Rebecca



Since my kids absolutely LOVED a full year of The Magic Flute Volume 1, they get to solidify their work with moving to Volume 2. How exciting!! ~Staci



What a difference in the way I am making my for my daughter's music journey; And much better than my own! ~Vera



I am learning and understanding music more than I ever did in the 20+ years that I spent in lessons and instrumental and in vocal groups. What a blessing to have Jodie in our Waldorf homeschooling community! ~Joyce



We are on the 2nd lesson and my son LOVES the Blow Dragon Blow game. I can very slowly read music, and I really like the way Jodie has put the lessons together. I find it easy to follow, and some tunes he already knows so then we get to move quicker and finish up by her last part. It’s called Improvisation, which is where we make up our own tune, so fun! ~Ali



This is such a detailed, thoughtful, easy to follow curriculum. I enjoy learning along with the videos and I feel empowered and excited to bring lessons to my child! ~Misty



I am a trained singer, but not a musician and I really don't even read music. Working with your materials has made playing an instrument accessible, fun and practically stress-free. I teach my daughter during our warm-up before main lesson and it is her favorite time of day. This fit seamlessly into our circle time. I think she'd play the pennywhistle all day if she could. ~Kerri



I’ve been at this Waldorf homeschooling for awhile, my oldest is 19 and in college, youngest is 10; and these are great!!!! I’ve gone through the lessons and I am loving them. I already play recorder so I’m using that instead of the pennywhistle. I’m not speaking from a beginner’s perspective but the beauty of the course is that if one needs to review and move at a slower pace they can.

In addition to homeschooling my daughter (5th grade), I teach a Waldorf-inspired group at my home once a week and that has younger kids as well. It’s  for grades 2-5 this year. We’ll continue with the recorder in that group and I still find her materials very helpful. So, when folks ask if they can use this with the recorder, I’d say yes, yes, yes. 

I love music. I sing in a women’s group, and I plan on offering some kind of musical adventure in our weekly homeschooling co-op, a larger eclectic group, this fall. Jodie has already created all the lessons, so inspiring! The Waldorf world will benefit greatly.

I’m going to Taproot Teacher Training this weekend and I will definitely be mentioning Jodie's materials. Barbara Dewey offers this annual Waldorf homeschooling retreat every summer and I’m teaching a class for Grades 1 and 2 and a class for Grade 4. She lives on a farm with a pond and I am looking forward to going as I always meet really interesting people. We spend the whole weekend immersed in all things Waldorf. I love being able to lead the morning singing each day.  

I hope you get to enjoy her music curriculum. Can’t wait for more! ~ Jean Miller



When I think about people how have touched my life, I have to include one fantastic Waldorf inspired Mama, Jodie Mesler. I was listening to some of her songs this morning, like I have many times over the last 10 years that I have known her and I wanted to make sure you all know her!! Jodie Mesler is a wonderful Waldorf centered teacher and musician. If you haven't checked out her Waldorf Inspired Songs then get busy!

I have to say that her work is WONDERFUL!!!  By far the best way I have found to introduce a blowing instrument.  I think the pennywhistle is a great little piece - it is important for us to remember that Rudolf Steiner never actually said it has to be a recorder!  My daughter plays both and the two instruments are easily interchangeable in my opinion.

I think this is great no matter what your child's age but especially helpful for parents who are beginners. ~Melisa Nielsen

Watch the Welcome Video

Here is the first video of Volume 2. It is the Welcome! Let's Get Started video. It is a quick overview and it may give you some inspiration to get started.


All The Lessons You Need for a Full Year

WONDERFUL MUSIC PROGRAM for Grades 2 - 5, it is for all parents and teachers, even those who have little or no musical experience, who want to teach music in a creative and natural way that is pleasing for every one.

No need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY.

Learn in a simple STEP BY STEP way how to play a recorder instrument such as the pennywhistle, recorder, pentatonic flute or C flute


  • Earn 7 RAINBOW RINGS while building a [Repertoire] PERFORMANCE LIST
  • GAMES play fun music games like Blow Dragon Blow
  • KEEP A PRACTICE JOURNAL includes journal pages
  • LEARNING SCALES in a storytelling way, plus learning them by playing games
  • HOW TO PRACTICE includes videos and journal print outs
  • ALL RHYTHM lessons follow The Magic Flute Volume 1, therefore this enhances you, the teacher, and the child from one year ago, really gaining more confidence as a player
  • LESSONS follow the seasons, so you can integrate them into your main lesson and festivals
  • LESSON SONGS include new techniques, such as slurring, tonguing, rhythm styles, etc
  • FOLK SONGS sing and play great [pentatonic] five note melodies like Shortnin' Bread, Ducks in the Millpond, Goodbye Old Paint, Farmer In the Dell, Hush Little Baby, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, Little Liza Jane, Mary Had a Baby, Run Chillin' Run, Bought Me a Cat, and many more 
  • Last learn IMPROVISATION write your own songs, this is where it gets really fun!!! So many of my students have written great songs, songs that live within them during such precious years of their lives

  • HUGE MUSIC BOOK full of great detail in 2 formats:
    1. Sheet Music
    2. Lyric and Lesson Songs with Notes written on top 


BONUS Join our Private Living Music Group with other parents and teachers when you enroll.

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Meet Jodie Mesler Your Music Teacher

Jodie Mesler has a background in music performance and composition; as well as in early childhood education. She has been teaching music for 25 years in Georgia. She teaches private flute and piano lessons, teaches parents at homeschool workshops and she has several families taking music lessons with her online each week. She is also a multi-instrumentalist, performer and songwriter.

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Living Music From the Heart

Full Year Music Curriculum


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