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The Magic Flute Volume 1

Includes Living Music From the Heart Music Curriculum Volume 1

NEW APPROACH There is a better way to bring music education to your kids other than the way you were taught as a kid.

It is a new approach that is holistic with a focus on playing by ear, instead of on reading music first.

Even if you weren’t taught much about music as a kid, it is simple and natural.

It is a music method that any parent can master, giving you tips to begin teaching music to your kids right away.

So many parents, like us, want to teach our children music, but we have scars and fears from our childhood or were weren’t taught music at all.

We got hurt or became too stressed out and some of us just gave up.

I got over my fears and I’m excited to tell you my story.

And since I got over my fears, I have been able to create a new way to teaching music that is more gentle and encouraging for families.

In this new method, we approach teaching music with a focus listening, singing, imitating and playing by ear. We don’t read music right away, we make music right away.

Parents are surprised when they use my method, as they become healed of their childhood fears, and start witnessing their kids learn music from them.

I understand where your coming from, if you were hurt, because I have similar experiences that you may have had and I have heard from so many parents telling me about what happened to them when they were little.

TRANSFORMATION When I was in elementary school, I was told by my teachers that I would not be a good fit for band, due to a 5 question test that I failed.

Then I was told my peers I couldn’t sing.

I did join the band, but sometimes I was under stress of auditions, and felt like a failure due to my test score.

All I really wanted was to play simple songs without reading music first, just play what I hear in my head. I wanted to bring out that melody in my head and play it on my instrument. I wanted to write my own songs, and also to play the popular songs I heard on the radio.

This required a different way to be taught music, a by ear approach. I didn't get this ear training, I was trained to read music only.  But music is something we hear first.

None of my music teachers taught music that way- a way that is creative and by ear.

After much research and performance experience, I wrote a new music method, one that teaches you and your child how to play by ear and how to be creative.

Throughout the years, I have witnessed so much transformation.

I have seen it first hand in my life, my three children's, my students, and so many families.

I am fully grateful to have had the opportunity to be the creator and teacher.

In my life, I can now write beautiful music from my own imagination.

Within the pasts ten years, I have hundreds of testimonies from parents and their successful transformations, who have taught my courses to their children.

So many children write their own songs and they are so sweet.

Even the parents have written simple songs and they sing them with their kids. Check out Miriam's song she wrote on my ABOUT page.

WHERE TO BEGIN Begin here, The Magic Flute Volume 1, it is the best place to start.

It is designed for parents to teach music to their young children.

You will get everything you need as the lessons are all planned out for you to use for an entire year.

I teach you all my secrets. Watch The Teacher Lesson Videos on How to Play Your Starter Flute. You can review all the lessons on How to Teach the Flute to Your Child.

You can print PDFs, visual aid charts with incentives on how to practice.

So many useful tools that come in The Magic Flute course, designed for teaching music in a holistic way.

A way that brings family connection and closeness, a way that brings meaning to life, to the seasons, to the festivals and holidays.

A way that gently instills perseverance.

A way that is fun as you and your children enjoy a full year of music ideas, tips, games, and even get a tutorial on How to Knit a Flute Case as you complete the entire program. TWO NEW SKILLS IN ONE YEAR! The Magical Treasures that come with PERSEVERANCE!!!

Don’t miss out on this special time with your precious, joyful children.

They are so young and so ready for you to share this exciting music journey with them.

If you were feeling scared before about learning music because you don't know a lot about music, much less how to teach it to your kids; no worries, because you get everything you need in the courses - they are all planned out for you.

Remember, you will become healed, having gained a new method of teaching music, which gives you the confidence you need so you can teach music to your kids during this precious time.

And your kids will surprise you with all the new songs they will play, sing and even write.


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