Celebrating March


New Joyful Community Excitement!

Check out our Meetup! I never knew March could be so festive with green being our main theme!

I am loving this festive time together with our new community, Music Makers!

This month, we are learning St. Patrick's Day is Coming, a song I wrote with my 10 year old student, Maya, during our ukulele lesson.

What a fun way to enjoy each month with a festive song that we can all sing and play together.

It's so wonderful that we can take what we learned in our Meetup and practice it all month.

We are meeting back next Thursday, March 9, at 2pm ET so you can play me what you practiced and I can give you some feedback.

And I am learning so much from my members, too!

Like I heard my first limerick, spoken by Hanna, our 9 year old Music Maker, she said,

"There once was a mid March day,

Where people would gather and say:

'St. Patrick's Day is here,

Let's wear green and give cheer.'

And then they partied the evening away."


What a fun way to expand our simple joys in life!!

As I type these words, I can't help bursting with joy!

I am just so happy when I can find others who enjoy such joyous moments of festivity in life to also include music, too!

This is Music Makers Festivals, Family, and Food in real time, with friends who enjoy taking in the wonder of nature and making it magical.

It doesn't get better than this, and when you include music, that is where the true magic happens and all the arts become alive and life is truly beautiful.

Beauty is at the core of our human existence, and if we can instill this within our children, they become adults and they continue to make the world a beautiful place.

Festivals, Family, and Food

I love the book Festivals, Family, and Food, by Diana Carey and Judy Large.

I love how it has descriptions about the 4 seasons, holidays and festivals and includes stories, poems, recipes, arts and crafts, activities, songs, and games about each season comes around.

This is a great book that helps you bring in all those lively arts in which help you cultivate beauty.

When my kids where little, I needed more understanding of why we celebrate holidays, and when I found this book, the authors that put this together for us gave me so much inspiration.

And this book includes sheet music! So what an extra value that added since I am a musician.

But if you like music, but don't know how to read music yet, this is where I come in to help you, so you can bring that extra magic to your joyful celebrations.

As a music teacher and simple singer myself, I needed easier songs that we could play and sing as a family, so many of the songs I write, are geared toward beginners and have only 3-5 notes in them so you can easily play and sing them.

Which brings us here to our newest song, St. Patrick's Day is Coming, a 5 note song for you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For more info on how to join our community, Music Makers click here.

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