Our Very First Community Meeting


Check out our very first meeting!?!?!

I had no idea what we were going to discover or what this new community wanted, so let the journey begin!

We had a wonderful time together of sharing about our music journey. 

Join us next time.

We meet the first Thursday of each new month at 2pm Eastern Time. Please mark your calendars.

I was telling Angie how our meeting went because she wasn’t able to make it, I said, me personally, I was overwhelmed with the love that I felt. We had 3 kids join, and they are so pure and full of this amazing love that is so different and sweet, I long for this kind of love in our adult world for each other. I guess that is at the heart of what we do, as moms to be that space for them to freely love. What a blessing to be a mom!!!

💿 My husband bought me a new guitar, and it sounds so good!!!!  I got to share my new song that I wrote about the trees here in Georgia, called Into the World.

💿 It's a Martin 000-28 Eric Clapton Acoustic Guitar designed in collaboration with Eric Clapton and it even has his signature engraved on the fretboard.

💿 It's because of Eric Clapton I met my husband.

💿 In 1994, I began to become bored with the 90's music, it was too depressing. When I heard Eric Clapton's MTV unplugged album [Eric plays a 000-28 on that recording], I fell in love with acoustic contemporary blues, and I wanted more.

💿 Well it just so happened that I met my husband in Atlanta one evening when he was performing live acoustic contemporary blues. We fell in love 💖 and began performing together- I became his bass player and sometimes I would switch off and play flute. We had a professional career for 5 years and made 2 CDs. 💿💿

💿 Want to hear one of our songs we recorded together in 1997? It's a song by Howlin' Wolf that we covered, Brian is singing and playing the slide guitar and I am on bass guitar.

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