Meet the Winner! Astrid, Mom of 3

 🌟😆🏆🥇🎖Yay!! Congratulations, Astrid!!

You are the winner of the Winter Bundle Giveaway, which includes

2 Free Traditional Pennywhistles in D made by Clarke,

Christmas Festival Songs and Songbook,


Make Way for King Winter Songs and Songbook!!!

I asked my husband to draw a number and he picked your number which was 62.

In fact, you look just like our little family when we were homeschooling. I also had two boys and a baby girl and we played outside in nature all the time.

(This is a picture of Astrid, when her daughter was a baby)

Can you tell us about where you are from and how many kids you have? And tell a little bit about your homeschooling interests or inspiring moments?


Jodie Mesler


Hi Jodie!

Oh my goodness, I am so excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Just now I was going to look at the piano courses I purchased from you, that I'm thinking of giving to my children for Christmas, and I saw THIS message that I won!  

Wow, I am so thrilled!!!  I was actually looking into buying a pennywhistle too because seeing and hearing you play it made me want to also be able to play it.

It's sounds so happy and light when you play it.

I have two sons, 15 and 11 and like I said my daughter is 8. Right now I am homeschooling "on the side" since they all go to school and I actually teach preschool at the school my 2 youngest go to.  

I also studied Waldorf here and have been able to implement it at school with stories, painting, crafts and songs.  

The truth is that I really want to do more with my own children before they get too big so that they can benefit more from the beautiful and holistic education that Waldorf inspires.  And that especially involves music.  

We sing, and I play a bit of ukulele. Just a few days ago my two youngest kids said they'd like to learn piano and recorder. My oldest son plays the violin.  I am also very excited to get into the songbooks; just perfect for this season right now!

We live in Spain. We’re going to New Hampshire just for Christmas and then we'll come back to Spain. It's been a long time (2.5 years) though since I've tread on my native ground.

Yesterday, my oldest son and I started practicing Silent Night for Christmas Eve. He played his violin while I picked up my recorder.  It was so nice.  We don't get to do too much together, but music really does make for bonding.  Thank you for inspiring so much.

 Thanks for everything Jodie!  

All my best,

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