Songwriting Part 2 of 5


A Dream Set Free

Part 2 of my songwriting experience at this year's Taproot Teacher Training, hosted by Jean Miller and Barbara Dewey.

Saturday morning, August, 6, I sat under a tree as I witnessed God Manifested beauty.

In front of me was 

a beautiful lake,

with a vacant canoe,

beside me was rolling grassy hills,

and above me where blue skies with white puffy clouds.


I took in the sounds all around me, the buzzes and hums of summertime.

The warm wind gently blowing in my hair.

The peace.

The oneness.

The calm.

The love.


I sat with my guitar and just played with no singing, taking in this feeling.

Planting this feeling in the song.

Finally, when the time was right, I tried out our lyrics from yesterday.

"A dream is just a simple thing,

It starts as a seed.

A wish deep within your heart,

That longs to be freed. 

Planted deep, and still asleep,

Don't hold it in, let it out." 


Then, new lyrics for verse 2 came to me as I rested in this sweet love.


"It's gonna rain and thunderstorm,

Along the way,

So face the storm with all your might,

There'll be better days.

There'll be times,

You'll give up

Don't look down, 

Keep looking up."


The line 'Don't hold it in, let it out," was whispered into me, I knew it didn't rhyme, but I put it down so it could be etched out like a sculpture in the next session.

Amber noticed.

She said, that part doesn't rhyme and it bugs me.

I told her that this is part of songwriting:

although things don't rhyme at the time,

they will soon be edited to fit when the time is right,

and when the words come.


I said, songs are not written by us,

they are written through us,

you just have to be open to let it in,

and be ready to write it down when it comes.


And sure enough, Justine Tullier quickly edited that line the next day, she wrote, "Don't hold it in, let it sing" - wow!!!!

And as you see "sing" works with all these words:








I will always remember those bright blue skies at Camp Asbury, that moved those rains out, so we could have a weekend close to paradise 

Heaven is on earth.

It is times like these that I witness that there is a Heaven.

We can bring Heaven in our hearts to our homes.

It is what lives in your heart that you give others. 


What lives in your heart today?


I would like to bless you today:

May your hearts be filled with an everlasting love that is never ending. 

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