Songwriting Part 5 of 5


A Dream Set Free 

Saturday Evening

Thank you for letting me share this wonderful experience with you!

I hope you enjoyed this series about songwriting.

Now for the performance!

It was Saturday, at twilight, at Taproot, I couldn't ask for a better place or audience of friends.

Looking out at everyone's faces was the best. I am so glad that I can finally look out and see love instead of fear.

For so many years, I used to stand in front of audiences so scared of what they where thinking about me.

It was so hard to look out at people and not be scared, scared that I would make mistakes, or look bad, or get upset with how they were reacting to my most vulnerable self.

I am super sensitive, I was that little girl who was always way too shy to speak. It was painfully hard for me to talk to people, even as a teen.

So for me to be able to finally stand in front of an audience and share my music that lives in me and in the heart of my friends, was just so transforming.

To be fully present and not scared this time, I got to take it all in. The love, the beautiful outdoor tapestry, the vivid colors of twilight.  

Even a group of bats flew over us as we sang the words, "It's gonna rain and thunderstorm...."

The bats were singing happily, as if to say, "We are so proud of all of you here tonight, releasing and shedding your fears that no longer serve you."

At Taproot, it is always a transforming experience, every time.

Listen closely in the performance video and you will hear the bats and you will see me look up and laugh with joy, already understanding why they flew over us.

When you release yours fears, one by one, you will witness A Dream Set Free each time.

When you watch this performance, I pray that a fear that you are holding in will be striped away, and that A Dream [will be]Set Free for you, too!

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