What is Anna Up To?


Anna and I have made you another Tea Time video.

Summer Iced Tea Time

Anna has been a big help here at Living Music. She loves music and she loves helping me make videos.

She is featured in 8 of my Youtube videos and she is in my piano courses, Playful Pentatonic Piano. In the courses, she is featured singing the songs, playing the songs, and playing the games. 

The teens these days spill the tea with each other, so we spilled some tea together on our ride to get some lunch. 


Wait until you hear what she is up to!

It is so hot! It is not normally this hot yet, I am missing my 80s temperatures, as we are experiences high 90s-100s in Atlanta.  


Summer is here, and I told her that I am excited about getting ready for my trip to

Ohio, for Taproot Teacher Training.


She had some really great things to say, I love middle school kids!

Here is what I asked her: 

  • What do you think of music today? How does it compare to older music?
  • The way we listen to music has changed so fast, how do you listen to music, find the music you like, and what kind of speaker or device do you use for listening to it?
  • How do you like that 80s song, Running Up That Hill, by Kate Bush?
  • Did you know her song is featured in Stranger Things, which parts of it where filmed at my high school, Stockbridge High School? 
  • What are kids like today in middle school?
  • What makes kids fit in the popular group verses the non-popular group?
  • What about dating? 
  • What is the purpose of dating?
  • You play the guitar, ukulele, piano and you sing. What have you liked most about learning music with me?
We invite you to share and comment 
  • your thoughts about music
  • what it was like for you during the middle school years
  • how is your teen doing in the middle school homeschool years


About Anna

Anna has been enrolled in music lessons with me since 2017. She is 12 year-old and she is going into 7th grade. She wants to be an actress when she grows up. 


Here music progression so far:

2nd grade piano and singing

3rd grade piano and singing

4th grade Playful Pentatonic Piano 1 & 2 and singing, ukulele and singing

5th grade piano and singing, ukulele and singing

6th grade piano and singing, guitar and singing


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Again, please let us know your thoughts about music, or how your kids teenage years are going. We would love to hear from you.

How to comment. Go to my Youtube video and comment, sorry there is not a way yet to comment on this blog format. But, we would love to hear from you.


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