The Pumpkin Pie Group Lesson


Welcome to our 3rd community meeting, here you will learn a family song that our family enjoyed during October and November, called The Pumpkin Pie Song.

Come along and learn to sing it, and pick your instrument part, ranging from beginning to advanced.

I will teach you the notes and the chords.

Click Here for the lesson plan.

Learn a simple 3 note melody that fits you and your level and favorite instrument

  • vocals
  • pennywhistle
  • recorder
  • ukulele
  • piano

Learn only 3 chords for

  • guitar
  • ukulele
  • baritone ukulele
  • piano.

Years ago, I found The Pumpkin Pie Song in the book Festivals Family and Food: Guide to Seasonal Celebration by Diana Carey and Judy Large.

I first began learning it on pennywhistle. I added chords to it, and arranged it myself. I have never heard it played any where, so I just had to be creative when trying it all out. 

I thought it would be great arrange it with added guitar chords and with this simplified pennywhistle melody for beginners.

Later, I recorded it with my kids and put it all in my Autumn Festival Songbook and Album, and wrote out a new music for it to include guitar chords.

This song was written by the “Pumpkin Pie Folksingers of Stroud," I emailed to see if I could record it and I was excited when they wrote me back!

They gave me permission in writing. They also said, "We are just grateful that others are still enjoying our song." 

This song has blessed us for the many years.

One beautiful Thanksgiving day, my kids and I performed it for my entire family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

My mom and dad especially loved it! We brought the house down!

We also performed it for the local schools for the elementary children. All the kids love singing along to the catchy chorus.


If you like the song and want to purchase it along with these other great Autumn songs, you will find the mp3s and sheet music in Autumn Festival Songbook and Album.

And if you want more great songs full of

  • joy and light
  • holiday 
  • festival
  • love of nature

For more music like this please check out my songbooks and albums only found here.


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