No More Recitals


🌷 How about changing the ideas of recitals to a fun outdoor music festival with picnics and playgrounds?

🌷Have you ever wanted to give your kids a musical education that is different than the way we were taught as kids?

🌷 Have you ever just wanted to explore the fun of music making and play your favorite songs without all the stress and high standards of classical music?

🌷 What about all the wonderful music that we listen to and enjoy, don't you want to just have fun with what you love?

🌷 That is what my students at Living Music got to experience.

🌷Saturday, I was blessed with the pleasure of hosting a Spring Outdoor Music Festival for my students.

🌷I have 4 Levels of Music Lessons for each stage of their learning process:

  1. 🌷Beginner
  2. 🌷Intermediate
  3. 🌷Advanced
  4. 🌷Professional

🌷To begin the show, our family band rocked out the first song featuring Bella on flute, covering Paul McCartney’s song Let ‘Em In.

🌷I re-wrote the lyrics to include my students names during the bridge....Emileigh, Anna Thomas, Sister Bella, Allura, Sister Heaven and Jamaar, Liberty.... do me a favor and let 'em in, oh yeah......

🌷It was our way of welcoming everyone and starting the fun performance instead of recital and giving my students a special shout out.

🌷PERFECT DAY! Spring in Georgia, is like the Garden of Eden. We captured a gorgeous early afternoon full of music and lush with spring bursting all around us:

  • 🌷 the birds were singing amazingly loud
  • 🌷 the gentle fragrant wind would occasionally blow
  • 🌷 the flowers were in full bloom
  • 🌷 the grass was baby green
  • 🌷 the blue skies were filled with puffy white clouds
  • 🌷 the tall trees shaded us
  • 🌷 the Towaliga River glistened behind us
  • 🌷 the sights and sounds of nature were all around us
  • 🌷the bumblebees, butterflies, beetles, and ladybugs made an occasional visit
  • 🌷the temperature was just right


🌷How precious to have 4 generations. This is Liberty with her mom, grandmother and great grandmother.

🌷Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, stepmoms, stepdads, cousins, sisters, brothers, and babies joined us. They eagerly came to support their little musicians of the family to watch them perform.

🌷It was nice to finally gather as a large group again, it felt so renewing and rewarding.

🌷These are all my lovely students who came out.

Level 1, Beginner 

⭐️Maya (3) ⭐️Odin (5) ⭐️Alori (6) ⭐️Alyssa (7) ⭐️Allura (7) ⭐️Orion (8) ⭐️Liberty (10)

Level 2, Intermediate 

⭐️Heaven (7) ⭐️Jamaar (8) and ⭐️Isabella (11)

Level 3, Advanced 

⭐️ Anna (12) and ⭐️Emileigh (14)

 Level 4, Professional

⭐️Bella (17) 

🌷 I use my piano courses, Playful Pentatonic Piano 1  and 2 to begin teaching all my piano students.

🌷If you are enrolled in the courses you can see Anna Thomas singing and playing in the videos, my now Advanced Level student.

🌷How fun to watch her journey, she has been helping me make videos at Living Music since she was 9 years-old.

🌷 Can you believe she is now 12 years-old and singing and accompanying herself on piano, how brave!?!?

🌷I use my Magic Flute and Rainbow Rings curriculum to teach all my flute students. They start out with either pentatonic flute, pennywhistle or recorder, then eventually move to the silver flute.

🌷Emileigh has been learning both flute and piano is also in the Advanced Level.

🌷Her favorite is the flute.

🌷 She is an award winning flutist.

🌷She performed Vivaldi's Allegro from Concerto in D Major

🌷I accompanied her on piano/cello 

🌷she sounded just like the birds singing along beside her



🌷You can easily give your kids their first music education just by singing with them.

🌷If you are doing this, you are already giving them the gift of music.

🌷If you feel like advancing with your child, you can learn to play a starter flute, like the pennywhistle, or recorder.

🌷And if you love music and play guitar, you can easily sing songs with them using my songbooks.

🌷I use the key of G and D only, so it fits your singing voice and it's easy with the pennywhistle and recorder for your child.

🌷 Y'all can make music together like me and Bella did when she was little. 

🌷 5 books and CDs.


🌷Here is the overview from Bella's 11 years of musical instrument education:

🌷 Now she is 17 years-old and is multi-instrumentalist loves performing with me and my brother live at our family parties in our band, She plays guitar, bass, flute and sings.

🌷I am just so happy to watch her blossom into such a beautiful young woman and musician. I love witnessing how she comes alive with so much energy on stage.


🌷The summer is approaching and many students are on vacation.

🌷🌷 That means I have a few opening to take on new students, in person or online.

🌷🌷🌷 I can teach you or your kids how to develop skills to learn a musical instrument of their choice.

🌷🌷🌷🌷You get to learn how to play and build a list of their favorite songs along the way.

🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷You get to become great at music, while keeping it playful and fun!

🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷And no more recitals, let's take the stress out and have music festivals, instead!

🌷🌷🌷Special thanks goes out to my dad and brother in heaven, who gave me so much support. 

🌷🌷🌷🌷BIG THANK YOU TO my mom, brother, husband, son, daughter, cousin Jamey, our friends Michelle, Stephanie, Tessa, Misty, and Shyla. From set up, to performance, to dining, to clean-up, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much! 

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